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We're seeking to partner with influential content creators and digital affiliates to join us on our healthy, non-toxic, green mission!

Be Our VIP

We're seeking to partner with influential content creators and digital affiliates to join us on our healthy, non-toxic, green mission!

Seeking Like-Minded Influencers and Affiliates

Are you and your online audience passionate about non-toxic, healthy lifestyle like we are? We are seeking like-minded influencers to be part of our VIP program. The importance of keeping toxins out of the home and kitchen is something people are increasingly concerned about and more people are cooking at home as well.

Xtrema – maker of the original, 100% pure ceramic, non-toxic cookware – is a family-owned growing business that was founded with a mission to improve the health and wellness of its customers. Just like you, the creators of Xtrema® cookware are passionate about the entire cooking process. We knew that home cooks carefully consider every ingredient they slice, stir or sauté. We also knew that every metal or nonstick pot or pan—even the ceramic-coated ones marketed as “safe and healthy”—have the potential to leach toxic substances into food as you cook. We knew there had to be a better way, and we were determined to find it.

In 2004, with our 40-year experience in the ceramics and glass industry as a guide, we embarked on a quest to create a line of safe, non-toxic cookware. We turned to a time-tested material that has been valued for its versatility and superior heat conduction for more than 10,000 years—Ceramic. Then we perfected our construction and ceramic glazing methods to craft a line of revolutionary, versatile cooking vessels. To guarantee the safety and purity of our cookware, we test it inside and out. Month after month, we verify that Xtrema meets California Prop 65 standards and passes an FDA-regulated, 24-hour heavy metal extraction test.

We are seeking to build high-quality partnerships and long-lasting relationships with like-minded digital publishers who are also passionate about a healthy, non-toxic lifestyle. 

Become an Xtrema Affiliate/Influencer: we partner with affiliates (bloggers, publishers, influencers, companies, organizations, etc.) to promote our brand with content, offers, deals, sales, etc. Affiliates are paid a commission of each sale generated from their site. Compensation is based off ongoing performance and is managed in the ShareASale platform.

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“Xtrema isn’t just better for your health – it’s also better for the environment. Made with clay and water, Xtrema has a far smaller carbon footprint than most other cookware. ”

Emily Monaco,

Organic Authority

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Are you a like-minded content creator interested in partnering with us? Make some green and help families support their green lifestyle with Xtrema, THE original non-toxic, 100% ceramic cookware! Apply to be an affiliate/influencer.