Return Policy

Our 30-day trial and easy return policy lets you shop with confidence!

We truly believe that you will love Xtrema cookware, but if for any reason you are less than satisfied with your purchase, you have 30 days from the original purchase date to exchange your product or receive a refund. 

Customers have the option of either obtaining a pre-paid return label with a processing fee, which is the most cost-efficient choice, or sending the item back on their own, the most expensive route.

Please Note: The return policy is intended to assist customers who have made a purchase within 30 days. Xtrema products are crafted to meet the highest standards, if you believe a product is defective please submit a warranty claim at Xtrema’s Warranty Policy.  At this time, we do not accept international returns. Please contact us if you have a warranty issue.

Restocking Fee for Returned, Cooked-in Cookware:

Xtrema reserves the right to charge a restocking fee of up to 15% for products that are returned used, unclean, missing accessories, damaged or not in the original packaging. But there’s a good reason for our restocking fee. We try to make lemons out of lemonade and donate returned products. 

For damaged packages and Priority Shipment Claims

For any product arriving damaged, lost or stolen, please submit a ticket.

Submit a Ticket

Our returns process is easy-peasy, just follow these simple instructions:

  1. Click the link below to get start your return.
  2. Click the item you wish to return.
  3. Print out the label or QR code and take it to any FedEx store or Walgreens. There is a $14.99 processing fee to send the return back. 
  4. Remember to ship back your order in the original packaging or have it packed at your local FedEx store.

Start a Return