life happens around the table

Meet Alyx, her story is a beautiful picture to the art of balancing her passions, nurturing family, and savoring the simple pleasures of life. Her and her family embrace the beauty and magic of life that happens around the table. In the bustling town of San Juan Capistrano, Alyx and her husband have created a haven of love, creativity, and shared experiences together—a true testament to the idea that the most beautiful memories are written in the everyday moments of life.

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“We are super passionate about what is in our food and what we cook our food in. To have something that is super simple with what it is made with is super comforting."

The House Family

experience the xtrema difference

Xtrema is for people who love to cook, eat and enjoy precious time around the table. We don't take shortcuts and we don't compromise health for convenience. But it's convenience that we want. This is what sets Xtrema apart.

convenience + versatility

"You can put Xtrema products in the dishwasher - that's a game changer!" We can all use a little more time. Time for the things and people who matter.

  • Pure ceramic, never made with metal
  • Super smooth ceramic glazed surface
  • Extremely easy to clean
  • Safe to use just about anywhere

Welcome to Our Table

We gather around the table to connect, forge bonds, and create lasting memories. Time slows and we focus on what matters most - health, community, family. Who's at your table?

embrace the chaos

Life isn’t always easy balancing work with raising three kids, the oldest of which being autistic, but Alyx gives herself a lot of grace and finds joy in the little wins, like Saturday morning breakfast with the family. Messy but truly beautiful!

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