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Wow, I just received the new Xtrema Ceramic 11’ Wok and just had to try it out. So we hit the local grocery store and picked up all the fixings for a wonderful Xtrema Stir Fry feast. Stir fry is a simple, yet very tasty meal and you can always add your own personal style and flair to it. We stayed pretty basic with this dinner and just used boneless chicken breast, and all the fresh vegetables. (Carrots, mushrooms, red and orange peppers, onions, and broccoli)

So we fired up the stove, through some EVO in the Xtrema Wok and added the cut chicken breast first. While the chicken was starting to cook, we chopped up the veggies and then added them to the chicken in the wok. We added some Pineapple-Wasabi Soy Sauce to give the Stir Fry some Xtrema flavor.

We were running short on time so we just picked up some delicious vegetable fried rice at our local Chinese Take-Out. Talk about quick and simple. We heated the rice in the Xtrema saucepot and then it was time to serve it up. Presto, we covered the rice with the chicken-veggie stir fry and we were eating in less than 30 minutes. Wow, was it full of flavor. I must say, the ceramic wok really brought out the zest in the chicken and veggies.

Xtrema Stir Fry in Xtremely No Time!!!

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Holly Bergstrom

Holly Bergstrom is the Brand Engagement Manager at Xtrema Cookware, and she oversees the creative direction of the company! Holly is passionate about minimizing toxic exposure and living a healthy and vibrant life form the inside out. Holly enjoys cooking, educating, and creating healthy meals for her friends and family. She desires to help every home and kitchen relearn how to slow down, be present, and cook with intention and simplicity. You can follow Holly on @livefreeandveg.

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