The Benefits of Ceramic Cookware

The Benefits of Ceramic Cookware



Ceramic cookware has been a popular option for many home cooks since the turn of the 20th century. These products provide attractive cookware that’s great for all levels of meal preparation – from mixing ingredients to cooking, and even for serving and storing.

Ceramics offer attractive features, including beautiful pieces, one-dish meal wonders, and surfaces that won’t absorb the smell or flavor of foods you’ve cooked in the past.

If you’re looking for eco-friendly, family-safe cookware, look no further than Xtrema’s ceramic cookware options.

How Is Xtrema Made?

Ceramic cookware is often made from clay, much like ancient man created pots and bowls from the earth. This easy-to-clean, high-temperature cookware is great for everyday meals, special occasions and potlucks.

It takes 20 days from the time Xtrema cookware is molded to when it’s shipped. A special Xtrema ceramic formula containing various inorganic minerals are mixed to make the clay before it’s pressed by a high pressure casting mold. By day three, the ceramic cookware goes through a drying and inspection process. It’s then polished before being washed with water. On day six, the product is inspected again.

After a week, the Xtrema cookware pieces are placed in the firing kiln where they will set for a day. After cooling, the cookware goes through a third inspection before a ceramic glazed is applied and then a second ceramic glaze is applied using by high speed air spray process. When dried, it goes through another inspection.

On day 11, the cookware is reloaded back into the kiln for a second firing that lasts two days. When it cools and is inspected again, the back label stamp is applied, as well as an additional ceramic glaze to the underside.

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The cookware will go through a third and final run in the kiln before it’s inspected, polished and packaged for shipment. By the 20th day, Xtrema cookware is loaded into 40-foot, overseas containers and delivered to the port for shipment to the United States.

The Unmatched Safety of Ceramic Cookware

Because Xtrema ceramic cookware is 100 percent green and eco-friendly, it’s a great addition to any kitchen. These organic pieces will not leach metals or chemicals, meaning the cookware prepares the purest tasting foods with easy clean-up. They also withstand high temperatures without cracking or melting.

Unlike Teflon, or other non-stick ceramic coated cookware, which can leave harmful synthetic chemicals in your food, Xtrema ceramic cookware is free of all toxins.

Did you know some cookware contains aluminum, chrome, iron, nickel, lead and are prone to leaching?

Here are some the dangers in products you may be carrying in your own kitchen:

Non-Stick Cookware

Some products on the market contain perfluorooctanoic acid, or PFOA. This synthetic chemical is used to create a slippery, soap-like coating, often non-stick. Once it heats up, these non-stick pans can release dangerous chemicals into the air or directly into food. And they don’t even have to get too hot! Some pans will become dangerous at only 446 degrees.

Teflon is the brand name for a chemical known as polytetrafluoroethylene. Since the 1940s, Teflon has been widely used as a non-stick cooking surface. PFOA is sometimes used to help manufacture Teflon. When heated, this chemical can cause flu-like symptoms, known as polymer fume fever. It’s even known to be fatal to birds.


This reactive metal is believed to be a factor in contributing to Alzheimer’s disease. In addition, aluminum cookware and foil should be kept away from acidic or salty foods, such as tomato sauce, fruit juices and other items that can absorb the aluminum.



While iron is an important nutrient, the excess found in cast iron cookware can cause major health problems, including auto immune deficiencies. The biggest problem seems to be for men or menopausal women, when excessive iron can result in toxic levels. It’s one of the few minerals that the body can’t assimilate, except through blood loss. While iron is needed by the body, too much of it can lead to oxidation. This means people with excess iron in their systems have a greater chance of developing cancer and experiencing damage to their heart and other organs.

Stainless Steel

This popular form of cookware consists of iron, chromium and varying amounts of molybdenum, nickel and copper. These dangerous toxins can leach into the foods that are cooked in stainless steel cookware. Because stainless steel cookware can be manufactured at different grade levels, it’s tough to know how dangerous it could be in your home.


Our bodies can only excrete copper in small doses each day, so it’s important to make sure we don’t consume too much of it. Large amounts of copper, often found in unlined, older pieces of cookware, can cause discomfort, including upset stomach, vomiting and diarrhea.

Some copper cookware is coated with another metal to help separate the food from the copper itself, but this also can break down and release harmful chemicals into the food. Older copper should especially be avoided because it might contain nickel or tin, which can be particularly dangerous.

Why Xtrema Ceramic Cookware Is Safer

The healthy ceramics found in Xtrema are non-reactive, meaning there are no chemicals, toxins, gases or other harmful materials that can leach into your food as it cooks. And unlike aluminum and cast iron, Xtrema ceramic cookware can handle highly acidic foods without staining the cookware or absorbing tastes and odors.

Xtrema’s ceramic materials also uses a far-infrared heating process, which enables the foods in the cookware to cook foods from the inside and outside at the same time, ensuring moist, tender foods each time. As an added bonus, all Xtrema cookware products are dishwasher safe.

With Xtrema, you never have to question whether or not the food you serve your family is safe and healthy. Thanks to an eco-friendly and green initiative, Xtrema cookware is an addition to your kitchen that leaves you feeling good.

How Long Will Xtrema Last?


There aren’t many ceramic cookware products that come with a 50-year, limited warranty against thermal breakage. Xtrema is confident in its product and believes this ceramic cookware will be a kitchen staple for decades to come.

If a piece breaks because of hot or cold temperatures within 50 years, Xtrema will replace it. But it’s not likely you’ll ever experience that problem. At a roaring 2,220 degrees, steel will melt into a fine liquid. But at 2,500 degrees, Xtrema can stand up to the heat.

While some cookware cracks, melt or burns at high temperatures, Xtrema will remain strong, whether you use it on the stove top or transfer meals to the oven. Because the ceramic glaze is so hard, you can’t scratch its surface. It is, however, recommended that you use silicone, wooden or plastic utensils because the ceramic can scratch the metal from other items.

Xtrema leaves your meals fresh, nutritious and delicious. Because it’s made to last for years, Xtrema cookware becomes a financial, health and wellness investment.

The Versatility of Xtrema

How many cookware items do you have that allow you to cook, serve and store foods in the same pan? Xtrema ceramic cookware is multifunctional and will save you time.

Xtrema also is great for cooking from a variety of appliances. It’s safe for use on the stovetop, oven, broiler, freezer and even the tabletop. Take meals from the kitchen to the dinner table in little time with no added effort. Many comfort foods are best started on the stovetop and then popped into the oven to finish cooking. Imagine not having to wash multiple pans, serving bowls and storage containers. You can regain your kitchen cabinet space and save time thanks to Xtrema’s efficiency.

Xtrema Cookware Cooking Tips

The possibilities are endless when it comes to cooking in Xtrema ceramic cookware. We do, however, have some tips:

Start slow. It takes a little time to get to know your ceramic cookware because the temperatures to cook your favorite foods will differ from your old cookware. Fluffy scrambled eggs, gooey grilled cheese or light pancakes will taste better, but the cooking times and temperatures will be different.
Begin with a low heat. Let the pan warm for about a minute before coating it with high heat or all-natural canola, coconut or olive oil. These oils seem to work best with Xtrema.
Adjust the heat as needed. When the oil reaches the right temperature, adjust the heat as needed.

Xtrema is safe on the stovetop, whether glass, electric or gas. It’s also microwave safe, great in the regular oven or toaster oven and can be used on your outdoor grill for summer cookouts.

Great Food Choices for Xtrema Cookware

Because of its versatility, Xtrema cookware can be used for many different delicious meals. Meals can be, of course, as simple or as complex as you’d like. Here are some of our favorites:


Soups and stews. Soups and stews can take a long time to reach perfection, but not with Xtrema. This ceramic cookware holds its heat, so soups cook while the heat can be turned down, saving energy and time. You can even keep leftovers in your Xtrema cookware and then reheat in the microwave.
Quick breakfasts and lunches. Use the Xtrema ceramic skillets to cook eggs, flip pancakes and fry potatoes for a fresh, homemade breakfast perfect for starting your day. Lunches are also delicious in Xtrema cookware. Toast grilled cheese sandwiches, sauté fresh vegetables and much more.
Breads and cakes. Because Xtrema can withstand high heat, be sure to use it in the oven the next time you make skillet cornbread, tasty birthday cakes or even crusty, one-pan bread.
One-pan meals. Try making baked ziti by boiling the pasta in a sauce pot. Drain and return the pasta to the pan. Toss in your sauce, cheese and any veggies you’d like to add. Bake the meal and you’ve got a tasty, one-pan dinner without the extra mess. For beef stew, toss in your meat, potatoes and carrots and set it in the oven to cook all day. The meat will be juicy, the potatoes and carrots tender and the broth delicious. Xtrema ceramic cookware also is great for baked oatmeal, chili and your other favorite one-pan meals.
Grilled food. Make homemade, fresh pizza with the Xtrema pizza and grill pan. Toss fresh vegetables on the grill and sauté mushrooms in a saucepan right on top of the outdoor grill. These safe ceramic pans can withstand the high heat of a grill without fear of scratching, cracking or melting. Get those great, wood-fired flavors in your foods without fear of contamination or dangerous chemicals founds in other cookware.

How to Care for Xtrema

Xtrema is dishwasher safe, but it’s recommended that products are hand washed. There’s no worry of scratching this cookware when it’s time to clean it. Just as you would clean metal cookware, feel free to use baking soda, Ajax, Comet, Soft Scrub and Brillo and SOS pads or heavy-duty nylon scrub brush to clean Xtrema. Remember, you cannot scratch Xtrema.

Invest in Xtrema

When was the last time you bought cookware that you expected to last for years to come?

Xtrema is a practical, safe addition to your kitchen. You no longer have to worry about dangerous toxins that could harm your family or ruin the fresh, organic and healthy food you strive to prepare. Purchase ceramic cookware knowing it will last long, be a versatile tool in your home and give you peace of mind thanks to its eco-friendly mission.

Let Xtrema 100% ceramic cookware be the first thing you reach for when it’s time to prepare your family’s meals.

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