Natural Ways to Heal a Hormone Imbalance

Natural Ways to Heal a Hormone Imbalance


With all the noise floating around (even in the wellness world) it’s hard to know if there are truly any natural ways to heal a hormone imbalance. Oftentimes my clients or course students come to me thinking and actually believing they are broken. I’m here to assure you, this is not the case. Your body is designed to take care of you and HEAL. So, let’s talk about some of the top steps I recommend you take if you want to heal your hormones naturally. 

This lifestyle change worked for myself and thousands of my instagram followers, students and 1:1 clients. Let’s do this!

Quieting the Noise in the Green Living Space

Even in the wellness world, there’s so much fallacy floating around. Think about this: you’re in a room with 2,000 all shouting different opinions at you. These opinions all challenge the other and your mind feels like it’s going to explode. This is what’s happening to you - every day - that you are on social media, in your inbox, etc. No wonder you’re so confused on what to do, not to do, etc. to work on your hormone health.

I recommend you set a 15 minute timer on your phone and do a purge. Unfollow any accounts that you:

  • Didn’t even know you were following
  • Post contradictory information
  • Post information that’s not serving you

Start with These Simple Holistic Living Steps

Remember, this is living a holistic lifestyle. It’s NOT a diet, fad, weird detox or anything like that. It’s a complete transition you’re going to make for your life and your family. All in the name of hormone healing, living a nourishing non-toxic life and supporting your overall wellness.

  • Get a water filter, ASAP - Not just any filter cuts it, I recommend this or this brand
  • Get outside first thing in the morning - No glass, no contacts and as much bare skin a possible
  • Surround yourself with nature whenever you possibly can
    • Make sure you’re eating ENOUGH & first thing in the morning
    • This is a major issue in our culture and we have to knock it off! Eating 1200 calories a day as a grown adult is just a horrible idea
    • I recommend adding calories slowly if you’ve just come from a low calorie, starvation, etc. lifestyle
    • This helps to balance blood sugar levels, thyroid hormones and even helps with PCOS
  • Minerals, Minerals, Minerals
    • This is one of the most important natural ways to heal a hormone imbalance
    • Without minerals, you have no spark plugs to get your healing process going
    • Minerals are needed for every single process in your body, no questionsThe adrenal glands will thank you mucho for this one
  • ASSESS and DITCH anything in your life that’s depleting minerals
    • Toxic cookware 
    • Toxic water
    • Relationships that are toxic
    • Supplements that are mainstream (multivitamins, zinc, ascorbic acid, hormone D, synthetic vitamin A, fish oil)
    • Chemical laden food
    • the list goes on...
  • Limit time on these environmental toxins
    • Non native electromagnetic frequencies (nnEMF)
    • Artificial blue light
    • These toxins come off of devices, smart devices, outlets, bluetooth anything and so much more
    • These are not talked about often in the green living space

Fill your life with joy, peace and non-toxic relationships, products and nourishing food instead! AKA get outside in nature, it’s the most important thing to do for healing.

Getting Started

I listed so many different things for you to start with so, let’s recap and below I’ll list a to-the-point guide to get started.

  1. Get outside as much as possible
  2. Invest in high quality water
  3. Focus on specific minerals
  4. Consume enough calories
  5. Avoid stressors (conventional food, toxic products, toxic people, environmental pollutants)
  6. Invest in high quality cookware like Xtrema (my favorite is the Versa Series)

Here’s a sneak peak into my day, make it what you need it and stick with it:

  • Wake up and head outside to see the sun and ground
  • Have a raw chocolate milk with pine pollen
  • Cook a protein, carbohydrate and fat rich breakfast while sipping on my chocolate milk
    • I cook pastured: eggs + sausage, seasonal fruit, hash browns in my Xtrema Skillet
  • Have my supplements (magnesium bicarbonate, boron, vitamin E and vitamin K)
  • Read the Bible with my family and spend quality time with them
  • Ground up my devices to work in an EMF-free environment
  • Set 1 hour timers to get up and go outside
  • 1st snack: Adrenal Cocktail 
  • Eat my prepped lunch outside
  • 2nd snack: fruit and cheese
  • Wrap up my work day and disconnect from devices
  • Time outside/projects
  • Prepare a nutrient dense dinner in our Xtrema Dutch Oven
    • Pulled beef for tacos bowls with local tomatoes, raw cheese and cilantro
    • Then, dessert of course!
  • Completely disconnect from any devices at least 3 hours before bed
  • Watch the sunset
  • Sleep in my EMF-free room

I can’t wait to hear what you take from this and implement in your life. I believe these are truly the natural ways to heal a hormone imbalance. I am rooting for you!

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Ashlee Rowland

Ashlee Rowland

Ashlee Rowland is the founder of Simplholistic where she focuses on simplifying women’s wellness. She is also a certified Holistic Nutritionist teaching women how to balance their hormones by returning to nature. Her health journey began after experiencing infertility, PCOS, hormonal chaos, thyroid disease, autoimmunity and total gut hell. Today, Ashlee has made it her mission to teach women how to reverse PCOS naturally through her Bare Naked Hormones Course.

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