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Fitness Coach Raves Ceramic Cookware

Fitness Coach Dana Moritz from Missouri has an Xtrema Experience.  A few weeks ago, Dana contacted us and was interested in our healthy ceramic cookware. We sent her a few of our top products and she put them to the test.
This is a bit of what she had to say about her cooking experience with Xtrema…

— ” I have found some of the best cookware ever! Xtrema cookware is non-stick cookware that addresses today’s growing desire for a healthier cooking alternatives. I don’t like using the standard non-stick cookware that scratches and can leach into your food.

Xtrema is also very functional. You can use them in the microwave, under the broiler and on the stovetop. This versatility means less clean up – I am all about that!!! The Xtrema cookware is also pretty! The tea pot is so beautiful, I leave it on my stovetop for everyone to see.”

To read more of Dana’s review on Xtrema and to find out more about her healthy living life style, please visit her blog at


If you are looking for a new and healthy cooking experience?? Xtrema is the cookware for you!!!

Happy Cooking,

The Xtrema Cook

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