Earth Month

Earth Month


April is Earth Month. It's time to campaign for a greener future and appreciate all of Mother Nature's gifts. Observing Earth Month with your family can be lots of fun, and tiny green initiatives go a long way. 

As a family-run business, Xtrema knows how important eco-friendly practices are for your loved ones' health. Celebrate Earth Day by safeguarding your family against toxins and protecting the environment with our pure ceramic cookware.

The History of Earth Month 

When Senator Gaylord Nelson witnessed a destructive oil spill in Santa Barbara, California, in 1969, he decided to instill ecological activism with the vibrant energy of student anti-war protests by organizing campus teach-ins. The senator centered his efforts around air and water pollution, and his idea inspired a group of activists to encourage all Americans to be environmentally conscious. The activists named their initiative Earth Day, which was first celebrated on April 22, 1970. 

Earth Day received lots of media attention, and by 1990, it had become a global movement. This year also marked the beginning of Earth Month. People worldwide started to dedicate the month of April to participating in environmental awareness campaigns and initiatives. Today, citizens around the world observe Earth Month and work together to find innovative ways to reduce their carbon footprint and preserve the natural world. 

How to Participate in Earth Month

While staying environmentally conscious throughout the year is important, Earth Month is an excellent springboard to get started. Here are three ways to make April a greener month:

1. Reduce Household Energy Usage

Encourage your family to reduce their energy consumption by:

  • Unplugging devices when not in use
  • Installing LED lights
  • Turning lights off when you leave a room
  • Cooking with the lid on 
  • Switching to energy-efficient appliances

2. Start a Vegetable Garden 

You can cultivate your relationship with the earth in April to become more environmentally conscious. Spending time in nature and seeing how the earth meets your needs can bolster your appreciation of Mother Nature. A fun way to do so is to plant a vegetable garden. You can start small by planting vegetables in containers. 

If you live in a cooler area, begin by growing leafy greens such as spinach and kale. When temperatures rise, plant cucumbers, tomatoes and carrots. The best thing about cultivating a vegetable garden is the nutrient-dense dishes you get to prepare and enjoy.

3. Use Sustainable and Eco-Friendly Ceramic Cookware

Another wonderful initiative for Earth Month is to update your cookware by swapping non-stick pans and pots that leach toxins into your food for 100% pure ceramic cookware. Wholesome cooking starts by choosing environmentally friendly skillets, baking sheets, pots and pans. 

Xtrema offers a wide selection of handcrafted ceramic cookwarebeautiful bakeware and elegant teaware that are entirely non-toxic, leach-free and PTFE-free — offering you a worry-free cooking experience. Using only environmentally friendly manufacturing methods, our handmade cookware does not harm the environment or your health.

Purchase Our 100% Pure Ceramic Cookware Today

Buy sustainable and eco-friendly cookware for Earth Month by opting for our elegant, non-toxic cookware made by hand. You and your family can prepare and enjoy all the wonderful nutritious delights that Mother Nature gifts without worrying about the impact of toxins. Browse our extensive cookware collection and purchase your 100% ceramic products today!

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Erik Bergstrom

Erik Bergstrom

Erik Bergstrom is the Digital Media Manager at Xtrema Cookware, and he oversees the online presence of the company! Erik has personally seen family members struggle with chronic illness, and it fuels his passion for helping others understand the importance and value of cooking clean. Erik enjoys cooking, educating, and creating healthy meals for his friends and family. He is always seeking out new information from wellness professionals to grow his knowledge of what toxins do to the human body and the value of cooking without them!

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