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Healthy, Non-Toxic, Pure Ceramic Cookware - Xtrema

Health starts in the kitchen with the right cookware.
Unfortunately, many of today’s popular cooking surfaces not only leach unwanted metal and plastic flavors into your food, they can also be dangerous to your health. Xtrema’s 100% ceramic cookware is composed of natural minerals that does not contain any metals, chemicals or synthetic chemical laden ceramic coatings. There will be no leaching of toxins into your food, so you can create delicious, healthy meals in the safest way possible for your family to enjoy. It’s also extremely easy to clean!

We recently received our Xtrema Ceramcor cookware set and love it! We are so happy to finally have real cookware that doesn't leach toxic chemicals in our food -- while cooking our food evenly and perfectly every time. We're huge fans and will be using this cookware forever! ”


Where can it be used?

Xtrema Natural Ceramic Cookware is designed to deliver unparalleled versatility It can be used on the following cooking surfaces: Stove-Top, in the Regular Oven, Oven Broiler, BBQ Grill, Microwave Oven, Convection Oven, Toaster Oven and Steamer Oven. Xtrema will not work on induction stoves because our cookware is not metal. Xtrema is also safe for use in the refrigerator, freezer, and, due to it's attractive high-gloss glaze, as a serving vessel on the dining table.

Where is it made and why?

Xtrema Natural Ceramic Cookware Handcrafted in China.
There are no high-temperature ceramic factories in the United States that can manufacturer our 100% ceramic cookware. We’ve tried to recreate our cookware using ceramic factories in the United States, but they were unsuccessful in creating a product that meets our high-quality standards. Mainland China is the leader in the ceramics industry. Our natural ceramic materials are developed using an advanced ceramic engineering process that creates the healthiest and most versatile natural ceramic cooking surface that is only found on Xtrema cookware.

Can it break?

Xtrema Natural Ceramic Cookware is Versatile and Natural but Not Unbreakable All ceramic products can break if banged or dropped. However, breakage has not been a concern for our customers. To prevent unwarranted breakage, we suggest handling our ceramic cookware much like you would care for your dinnerware. We recommend washing by hand, not stacking the pots without pot protectors and using pot holders when handling. We have designed Xtrema Pot Protectors which will allow you to safely store/stack your Xtrema Pots.


A Few of My Favorite Things

I love all of my Xtrema cookware, but here are my favorites:

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3.3-Liter Traditions Saucepan featured image

3.3-Liter Traditions Saucepan

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24cm Traditions Flared Skillet featured image

24cm Traditions Flared Skillet

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